Youth Windsurfing Program

Youth Windsurfing Program:

Last season was the inaugural year of the RVWA-SIKO Youth Windsurfing program.
Go to for information about this season’s Lesson Session dates and specific information.
Click the links below to see 2013 Youth Camp action set perfectly to music. Thanks video guru for the hours of shooting and editing these wonderful videos.

Youth Camp 1 VideoYouth Camp 2 VideoYouth Camp 3 Video
Camp 1 VideoCamp 2 VideoCamp 3 Video
Click for Camp 1 Video for Camp 2 Video Click for Camp 3 Video

With the financial backing of RVWA-SIKO, the Youth Windsurfing Committee implemented their plan to run 3 lesson seasons under the expert instructions of Jason Voss, US Windsurfer #8, With the club’s young participants coming from kiteboarding and windsurfing families, the goal was to teach the parents and guardians how to properly teach the next generation board sport enthusiasts at the same time as teaching the youth about wind direction, board balance, and rig handling. Each Lesson Session filled with excited novice to intermediate windsurfers ages 4 to 18 (and one 2 year old hopeful).

RVWA-SIKO Youth Windsurfing Camp Group with Jason Voss

20140412-PeterThe Delta Squad Youth Gear Zone:
The Youth Windsurfing Committee also carved out a Youth Gear Zone where our video guru built a great gear structure and Peter Jones designed a wind sturdy custom cover with vents for cool airflow.

Youth Gear ShedThanks to various club members and Delta Windsurf,, the gear zone received several boards and rigs. And thanks again to the financial backing of the club, the Youth Windsurfing Committee shopped deals from the Bay area to the Gorge and gathered the rest of the gear needed to stock our clubs first Youth Gear Shed. Information about access to the Youth Gear Zone will be available at the lesson sessions or contact Cookie at the Sign for Delta Squad Membership and gear access information. Current RVWA-SIKO Family Membership needed for any Youth Gear access.

Currently the Youth Gear Zone has a quiver of rigged sails from sizes 1.0 to 4.0 and 8 boards ranging from beginner to intermediate. Parents or guardians who are interested in using the Youth Gear are strongly encouraged to participate in one of our lesson sessions to learn proper teaching techniques and become familiar with the Youth Gear Zone Rules.

Youth Gear Zone Rules:

  1. Youth Windsurfing Program Waivers must be pre-signed by a parent or guardian for all participants.
  2. Responsible adults, parents, or guardians must accompany all youth when using the gear zone.
  3. Lifejackets must be worn by all youth using the gear zone.
  4. Gear is to be used in the “Play-pen” only.
  5. Gear use is limited to 1 hour per family when others are waiting.
  6. Those who check gear out are responsible to check it back in or pass it off to another RVWA-SIKO Delta Squad club member who verbally accepts responsibility for the gear.
  7. Last adult returning gear to the gear shed is responsible to properly lock up all the boards and sails.
  8. Last adult returning gear to the gear shed is responsible for properly closing and securing the gear shed cover (lose covers shred in the wind).
  9. All gear will be reserved for RVWA-SIKO function during the Youth Lesson Sessions.
  10. Lock access codes are only to be distributed by Youth Windsurfing Committee members and are not to be shared.

Comments and Suggestions Welcome:

Photos of the Lesson Sessions:
Click the slideshows below to see the picture memories.


2013 Youth Camp 1


2013 Youth Camp 2


2013 Youth Camp 3

Below are photo links for last year’s Lesson Sessions for full size images:


Donations Needed:
Contact Meiry or see Cookie at the Sign:

  • Tips of 2 piece masts (If you broke the bottom, the top works great for smaller sails)
  • Aluminum masts for flags
  • Wetsuits of all sizes
  • Beefy Wetsuit hangers
  • Lifejackets of all sizes
  • Helmets of all sizes

We will have a Youth Gear donation zone set up at the RVWA-SIKO swap meet.
We will also set up a donation zone in the Youth Gear Zone.
(Note that donations may be sold to raise money for specific Youth Gear, moved to the County Park free gear zone, or disposed of if not needed).

2014 season the RVWA-SIKO Youth Windsurfing Program Committee consisting of Meiry Hayes, Cookie Rhodehouse, Vince Hayes, & Terri Henderson welcomed David & Heidi Mertens, Peter & Kate Jones, Lassa Frank as our newest committee members. We are planning to run 3 Lesson Sessions. We have other great ideas in the works, so check the website news or facebook for more information throughout the season. Contact any of us with questions about the program or email questions to

2013 season also saw the inaugural year of the Delta Squad Youth Windsurfing Club. See page for more information.

Here’s to a great season of wind.