Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in the Delta with RVWA and SIKO

The Rio Vista Windsurfing Association (RVWA) and Sherman Island Kiteboarding Organization (SIKO) consist of windsurfers and kiteboarders who recognize the best way to preserve their water access is to be represented as a legitimate group of water enthusiasts with common goals. RVWA and SIKO are represented by volunteer officers and a volunteer board of directors with direction given by you, the members. RVWA and SIKO are California non-profit corporations which rely on contributions from area businesses and windsurfing / kiteboarding membership dues.

The Sacramento Delta is a unique area, blessed with some of the most consistent and exciting sailing spots in the world. With the wonderful opportunities our Delta provides comes a responsibility to protect it and our privilege to enjoy it. By working together as a coordinated association we have the ability to focus our energy and financial backing to address legal and access issues.

RVWA and SIKO Need Your Support

Our goals for this season are as ambitious as ever. The Delta is a very popular sailing and kiting area and the closure of even one of our access sites would impact other sites throughout Northern California. We must remain vigilant to maintain our access privileges and protect each and every site.

Together We Can Protect and Improve Our Sailing and Kiting Opportunities

Spread the word and help encourage others to join RVWA and SIKO so our membership and negotiating power grows.

Be a part of the ongoing efforts to preserve a unique and wonderful recreational lifestyle – Sign Up Today !!!